Stay Salty Multichrome Nail Polish

$ 5.00 $ 12.00

Crashing waves churn upon rocky shores, spraying beachgoers with salty water, creating a scene for mermaids of lore. Ships bob on those same salty waters, taking sailors out to where dry land is but a faint memory. Saltwater is life for some, a dream for others, and an escape for most. Stay Salty is a new addition to our color-shifting multichrome nail polish line. A seafoam green shifts to shades of navy and purple. In some light, a gleaming silver hue sets off a deeper green. This sea-inspired shade’s shift is more subtle head-on, showing best at certain angles and in lower lighting. Two to three coats are recommended. Type: Multichrome Base: 5-Free Glitter Load: None Glitter Size: None Recommended Coats: Best in 2-3 coats, or 1-2 coats over black, this polish is one you will have to see to believe! Notes: None

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