Frozen Champagne Slush Mix

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Frozen Champagne drink suggestions: Champagne + OJ (Screwdriver) Champagne + Cranberry (Poinsettia) Champagne + Blood Orange Champagne + Pomegranate Champagne + Peach Schnapps or puree (Peach Bellini) Champagne + Limoncello Our frozen champagne slush mix, made of all-natural ingredients, makes great-tasting frozen wine slushes and works wonderfully with your favorite frozen cocktail recipe. Great with Rum, Vodka, Champagne, and many other libations. To make a Frappé Vino champagne slush, simply open up the pouch and add a 750ml bottle of champagne (inexpensive will do), and 750ml of juice of choice (use the champagne bottle as your measuring tool). Place the mix in the freezer, and in 3-5 hours you will have a wonderful frozen champagne slush. Green Tea is the base for our mix. Evaporated cane juice is used as a sweetener and red cranberry juice is used for color. The wine used gives Frappé Vino its ultimate color and flavor.

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