Giant Bubble Guns

$ 12.00

šŸ’¦ Switch from Big & Small Bubble Mode - This bubble gun can change the size of the bubble by freely choosing the two kinds of bubble blower. The specific operation is to remove the bubble blower by rotating clockwise and to replace the large/small bubble blower by rotating counterclockwise. (If you want to make a big bubble, the blower needs to be immersed in enough bubble solution, each blow the number of large bubbles is limited) šŸ’¦ Safe & Durable Bubble Gun - Each bubble machine is made of safe, durable, and non-toxic ABS plastic. To ensure the safety of your children, the fan blades are made of EVA soft foam material, so there is no worry about any scratches. The bubble gun is reusable and for daily play. After each game, simply rinse and clean up (the fan can also be used as a small fan if there is no solution added) šŸ’¦ Easy to use - Great for kids who don't know how to use traditional bubble wands.

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