Let It Slide Nail Polish

$ 12.00

Up the stairs you go, winding round and round until you reach that high platform. You can see the whole amusement park from up there. Screams from roller coasters and giggles from the splash pad add a fun soundtrack to your upcoming ride. Then it’s your turn to go. Settling into your neon tube, you prepare to twist and turn down the slide rushed along by fast-paced water, all for that 60-second adrenaline rush! Let It Slide nail polish is a nod to those thrill-seekers that line the water slide stairs. A neon chartreuse shade, Let It Slide is a squishy, near crelly jelly polish loaded with shimmer. In the sun, a hot coppery shimmer pops against the bold yellow-green base. In the shade, the neon color pops with a lighter lemon and peach shimmer. This shade is best in 3 coats and can be worn over a tinted base or complementary cream for those who want no visible nail line.

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