Monday Markdowns

🎉 Introducing Monday Markdowns! 🎉

We all need a little something to make Mondays a little better so we are introducing Monday Markdowns! Every Monday we will offer a new markdowns. If retail therapy is what you need to start a new week we got you covered. Some items may stay on sale but these markdowns are not guaranteed to last so make sure to take advantage of them before the week is out the special ends. 

Please note, all sales are final for our markdown items. Be sure to check back every week for new additions,or follow us on Instagram at @confettigiftandparty for the latest updates and sneak peeks.

Don't miss out on these fantastic savings! Shop now and score your favorites before someone else does!. 

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Mini Bunny Pops

$ 12.00

Happy Bunnies

$ 14.00